Logo for the Earth friendly solutions company.
Logo for the Earth friendly solutions company.
Enviromentaly friendly cleaning products for Aerospace, Petroleum and Industrial.

Mission Statement

To Promote Health, Safety and Environmental Stewardship in all Industries.

What we offer

Bluewater Industries primary focus is providing the Safest, Superior Performing Precision Cleaning Solutions available. Our customer service is available twenty four hours a day seven days a week.

Bluewater Industries customer list includes several Fortune 500 Companies and many privately held companies. Our target markets are Heavy Industries involved in Aerospace, Oil and Gas Exploration and Refining, Military, Manufacturing, Machining and Fleet Maintenance.

Our markets include North America and Latin America. Export is available to the country of your choice.

With a Global focus on Safe Alternatives to traditional Hazardous cleaners, now is the time to convert your business to cleaners that are safe to use, pose no environmental impact and maintain superior performance.

Bluewater Industries. The right choice! The right Time!

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