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Enviromentaly friendly cleaning products for Aerospace, 
                Petroleum and Industrial.

Aqueous Cleaning Solutions

Our precision Cleaners can be used for Degreasing, Parts Washing, Equipment or Fleet Washing, Tank Cleaning, Oil Spill Cleanup and Shop Maintenance.

These cleaners are in liquid formulation and can be used in manual parts washers, ultrasonic washers, submersion washers and cabinet style washers. They are safe to use on all metals.

Product packaging is available in 32 oz. plastic bottles, 1 gallon plastic containers, 5 gallon plastic containers, 55 gallon poly drums, 275 gallon poly totes, 330 gallon poly totes, and bulk shipments.

Our cleaners are formulated with Safety and the Environment as the top priority. They have been tested for ultimate biodegradability, ozone impact and aquatic impact. They are safe to handle and ship non-hazardous.

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